Shoulder at Kirkby Overblow

Welcome to the new website for the Shoulder at Kirkby Overblow. If you’ve visited us before, please bookmark this site to keep up-to-date with the latest information about our activities.

Handy Links for Companies

Whether you’re in Kirkby or elsewhere in the UK, use of our National Insurance Contact Numbers will be more than crucial if you work or intend to work in Britain.

Electronics are well-loved in Kirkby, with many people looking over one another’s shoulders to have a nose at people’s new gadgets. Our Phone Numbers for LG will let you enquire about a new mobile, tablet or household gadget from this company.

For anything to do with a mobile, broadband or TV subscription in Kirkby or beyond, you can use our BT Contact Details to make enquiries.

Anyone, anywhere – even in Kirkby – needs a bit of advice on getting on with life, which is why our Contact Details for Citizens Advice are so useful.

Whether you’re stuck on the motorway and need to phone up someone, or just want a new mobile contract, our Contact Numbers from Vodafone will help.